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Why Calm is an Action Word

Often times, in leadership, we are placed on the spot to make immediate decisions that affect so many. What pressure! Some times, those problems are coming at us all at once. That is where we have to take action and CHOOSE to remain calm, foster peace in our minds and hearts so that our decisions are based on clarity and not emotions.

I can recall a time where I was in a situation with a student, in the hallway, alone. He was refusing to move and would NOT listen to anything I had to say. He was over me and honestly, I was over him. I tried and tried to deescalate the situation, verbally. Patience was there and I was using it. Until it came to a point...I can’t recall what that point was, but there was a point my patience was GONE.

There was no choice but for me to call for back up. Sometimes, though, backup isn’t always GOOD back up. My patience was gone and quickly, so was hers...we tried to physically prompt the student and well...he was NOT having that and it went left. I could feel my frustration, my body was tense, I could not make the best decision in that moment because I was not relaxed. I needed to instill calm within myself right then so that I could be clear in how I handled that delicate situation.

This may be one extreme...I know there are so many situations where we just need to stop and breathe. When tasks start to pile and people keep coming to me for solutions, by the end, I may choose to shut my door for a few minutes. This is okay! Everyone’s breaking point and point of resume look different. One thing is for sure, in order to be mindful of how we take care of ourselves, we have to begin to be mindful of what our breaking point is and how we resume.

Instilling calm. Choosing calm. Being calm. Are all actions. Being intentional on how we stop ourselves and focus on centering ourselves is key. this is why this is the first theme for my subscription box. It is the foundation for all things self-care. It is SO important:)


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