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Our Mission

At Alve' Pro., our mission is to provide support to the aspiring and current assistant principal. We believe that coaching during the journey into administration and in the first years of becoming an assistant principal increases long term retention. The role of assistant principal requires strong leadership skills in relationship building, effective communication, resilience and instructional impact. 

Hello Leaders!

I am Joyce, leadership coach and consultant for the aspiring and new assistant principal, founder of Alve' Pro. Consulting and the Caring Leader Box. At Alve' Pro., our number one priority is to provide a safe space for new and aspiring leaders to grow their leadership capacity. Our focus is to increase the retention of aspiring and current assistant principals through coaching, mentorship, support with self-care, ongoing professional development and networking. If you are an aspiring or current AP, you are in the right place!

Professional Development

Join me in ongoing professional development to increase your leadership capacity as you plan for and enter your first year of administration.

Elevate the AP 8-Week Cohort

One of my greatest passions is providing the aspiring or new assistant principal the knowledge and support needed to conquer their new role.

Join the FB Group

Being a part of Alve' Pro connects you with the tools you need the be an effective and motivated AP. Collaboration over Competition Virtual Chats, Monthly Virtual AP meetings and mental health check ins are available to increase passion and efficiency.

Caring Leader Box

Self-care is so important as a leader. In our network, we provide tips and motivation through our themed monthly subscription box. 



"I cannot thank Joyce enough for her coaching as I completed my Ed. Leadership Program. Having the opportunity to learn from her has made a substantial impact on my career. She helped me succeed in more ways than I can mention."

Stephanie Hutchinson

Abels Academy

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